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Your partner for innovative testing technology


Due to the individual configurability of our test systems, your requirements can be implemented optimally.


By supporting open standards such as cPCI, PXI, PXIe and PCIs, our systems can be individually expanded.


Parallel testing, optimized switching technology, sophisticated test methods and the combination of test procedures ensure very fast test cycles.


Self-testing capability and proven components as well as the highest quality standards in manufacturing make our systems extremely reliable.

Functional Test, In-Circuit Zest, Boundary Scan and Flashing - all in one test system

Test system

Test system GT4000

  • Functional Test
  • In-Circuit-Test
  • Boundary Scan
  • Flashing
  • Combined Test
  • Parallel Test

Our test systems are based on established industry standards and can be individually configured according to your requirements. Our systems enable the testing of DUTs with up to 4560 test points. In addition, our systems can be easily and efficiently adapted to changing and new challenges.

Furthermore, our systems save you costs and space, as they are both parallel test capable and enable combined testing. This means you need fewer test fixtures, less floor space in your production, less storage space and, above all, less handling- and testing time!

Test system


  • compact and robust 19" base unit with 20 slots for PCI, PXI and PXIe modules
  • up to 4560 test points
  • 8-line analog measurement and control bus
  • additional shielded bus with two wire pairs
  • integrated adapter supply and adapter control
  • configurable for true parallel test
  • high-performance embedded controller (cPCI)
  • individual system extensions through exchangeable cartridges concept
  • standard interfaces: RS232, LAN, CAN, USB
  • direct adapter contacting with tightening mechanism
  • high availability due to service friendliness and extensive self-testing
  • compatible with the compactTSVP from Rohde & Schwarz
  • usable with LabView and TestStand from National Instruments


Up to 2080 test points

20 slots

8 U



Up to 4560 test points

36 slots

13 U


Simple test program development and reliable test execution - our test management software GTS makes it possible

GTbuilder Interface

GTbuilder for easy test program creation

With GTbuilder you can quickly and easily create your test program for in-circuit and functional testing by using drag & drop. An integrated wizard supports you in configuring the test and importing CAD data to automatically generate an in-circuit-test. VIs from NI LabView can also be easily integrated.

GTbuilder Interface

GTengine for reliable test execution

GTengine is the powerful and reliable test sequencer that leaves nothing to be desired. It allows parallel test execution as well as synchronous execution of different test stations.

Due to an open API interface and a plug-in architecture, our software can be individually and easily connected to external systems. In addition, test programs of the compactTSVP from Rohde&Schwarz can be executed with our systems without further effort.

Projects and services

Our team consists of experienced experts and project managers. They guarantee the success of your project!

Our services:

  • Project planning and project management
  • Application development
  • Integration into the production environment
  • Production support
  • Training
  • Complete after-sales support
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Project examples


In-House-Test system

One of Germany's largest technology groups relies on our test systems for its in-house test equipment manufacturing. In the past, this company developed its own test systems. Therefore, there were great requirements for a test system that was to be purchased on the market from now on. Among other requirements, a concept for the further use of pylon-based adapters was developed and implemented for this purpose.

Our customer uses our inspection systems in both manual and robot-assisted operation as well as in fully automated inline systems. Our systems are used at locations in Germany, the UK and China and test both at PCB level and finished modules from the drive technology sector. In the words of our customer: "a success story!"

Inline test station

This project is an inline test station. Several of these systems are in 24/7 operation at large EMS service providers in Europe. Our compact test system is fully integrated into the plant and is responsible for the complete control of the plant in addition to the testing.

These systems are testing components from the automotive sector in very high quantities. In order to achieve the fastest possible cycle times, testing is executed in a multi-panel. Our test system performs the in-circuit-test, the functional test and the flashing as a parallel test and reduces the test time by half!

Test system

Test system

Needle bed adapter

A classic application is our test system in combination with a manual adapter. The adapter is located in front of our test system and is directly contacted via the exchange interface and ensures best signal quality. In this variant, both the in-circuit-test and the functional test are performed. The 2-stage contacting required for this is made possible by the vacuum/pneumatic cartridge which is integrated in the test system. This application is used worldwide in a wide range of variants. Various forms of integration are possible, e.g. integrated in a tabletop workstation or in a 19" rack.

Rotary indexing table

This project example shows a rotary indexing table with several test stations through which the DUTs pass one after the other. Our inspection system controls the complete sequence of the system and inspects the DUTs in each station of the rotary indexing table. In the first station, the DUT runs through an automatic optical inspection (AOI). In the second station, the in-circuit-test (ICT) is performed. The DUT is then programmed or flashed in the third station so that the functional test can be performed in the fourth station. Finally, the DUT receives a laser marking and is automatically forwarded, depending on whether it was rated good or faulty.

Test system

About VX Test Solutions

We are a Kiel based company of motivated and experienced test engineers. Since 2001 we develop, produce and distribute test systems for all areas and industries of electronics manufacturing. We support our customers from the concept phase to the start of production, and beyond.

They benefit from a long-term product strategy focused on innovation. In doing so, we make use of both our established products and components that are available on the market. In addition, we see ourselves as your partner in solving new challenges.

Since 2021 we are proud to be a sister company of VX Instruments GmbH and EMS Regensburg GmbH.

Together we realize your success!


You would like to work in a motivated and dynamic team of specialists? Then you are exactly right with us!

Unfortunately, there are no vacant positions at the moment. However, we would be pleased to receive your speculative application.

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